DIY Wooden Block Craft

A couple weeks ago I went with my parents to "Dickens of a Christmas" in downtown Franklin to do a little craft shopping!  There were so many cute gifts and crafts there and I decided it was a great time to get some inspiration.  I fell in LOVE with this wooden block idea and immediately decided to put my own spin on it and do some crafts for Christmas!

You can find plain wooden blocks at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for just a couple dollars each.  From there I just used acrylic paint, random fake flowers/sticks and craft supplies I had!

You can come up with your own ideas but here is what we came up with.

I tied twine around the sides so you can easily slide a picture in and out to use these as picture frames. I think they are super cute either way!

Such a cute gift for my nieces this year!

We wanted to make a fourth one for some friends of ours and decided to make theirs a little different.  We took a page from a church song book and used some mod podge to attach it to the wood.

From there we used a diluted goldish paint and a stencil to keep a vibrant "V" in the middle of the block.  Then we used twine to tie some dried flowers and sticks to the block... and that's it!  Super easy and made such a thoughtful gift!

Items you need:

Wooden block (any size)
Small paint brushes
A hot glue gun
any craft supplies you have around the house

Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream


I know the winter usually inspires dishes that warm you up, but this homemade ice cream is so good that you won't care if your teeth are chattering afterward. So just wrap up in an extra blanket and enjoy this sinfully good dessert! 

1 can Coconut Milk
1/2 (4 oz) pack Cream Cheese
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon Vanilla {more if you like!}
1/2 - 3/4 cups Maple Syrup

Heat coconut milk + cream cheese over medium heat on stove. 
Beat eggs + salt on high in a separate bowl. Once the coconut milk + cream cheese are slightly melted, turn heat off & beat together. Let the mixture cool down {for about 5 minutes} before slowly adding the eggs. Once everything is mixed together add vanilla + maple syrup. Store in the freezer until frozen. Stir occasionally.


We like to add shaved/chopped dark chocolate, chopped nuts, or any plain/puréed fruit. Also adding it to any pie or cobbler would be delicious! ~


Foodie Friends Friday

Coconut Oil Crazy

Here at Primal Difference we use coconut oil for just about anything, but thanks to this article from we'll be using it on absolutely everything!

It works on anything from cold sores to diaper rash to dry, cracked lips. The possibilities are seriously limitless.

Tell us all the ways you use coconut oil because we can't get enough of it!

**We use the Nutiva brand**  You can click the picture below for more info!

A Little Holiday Family and Craft Time

Moms can be funny. Enough said.  Somehow though they always know what you have been needing and longing for. God for sure granted moms with the ability to bring a family together! 

Over the past couple of Thanksgivings my mother has been set on doing a family craft.  So this year it was for us to all make a burlap stocking.  Not just decorating it, actually sewing it together and then decorating it! 

I was a little nervous about this one. Me and Shane sewing...ummm probably not going to happen.  After a little trial and error (and good coaching from mom) we got the hang of it.  Some a little faster than others. :)

This ended up being one of my favorite memories that I am sure I will cherish it for years. To see my brother and husband actually having fun and laughing is something I will never forget.  As far as my dad goes... he gave up after...well about 2 minutes. 

Check out our pictures and find some time to create memories with your family! 

Skin Obsession

Since our last post was on the subject of great HEALTHY solutions for your skin, I thought I would share my skin care OBSESSION (it's literally the only thing I ever use on my skin).

Releve Skincare is completely organic and non-toxic. I'm talking you could literally eat this stuff if you were so inclined.

They have cleansing soap, face & body lotion, moisturizer, a mask and peel for when your skin is needing a boost, an eye cream + a facelift cream to help fight anti-aging!

I cannot emphasize enough how great these products have been for my skin. Speaking from experience when it comes to struggling with breakouts, I can honestly say that my skin has never been clearer since I've started using this stuff (the cleansing soap, clay mask, & enzyme peel are great for those with acne-prone skin).

If you want to improve wrinkles, sagging facial and neck skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and large pores then please, PLEASE give these products a try (you can thank me later!)

Visit the site here to check out all the products!

Color My Thoughts

I had to write this post!  I usually don't like writing about products and such, but what I am about to tell you about will seriously make you do a happy dance!  As many of you know I am part owner of a wellness practice so I see a lot of awesome healing/wellness products and services.  This particular one is so different and exciting!!

So take a look at the links to read more...but now you are asking how these can help you.  I have an answer!  Ever felt bogged down from silly emotions (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!!) and you just don't feel yourself??

These products can help you regain Energy, Vitality, Creativity, Confidence, Joy and so much more.  Not only do they help with these emotions, but they all correspond to different parts of your they can also help with you heart, liver, sinus problems, back pain...the list keeps going!

These Colors are blends of specific essential oils - which smell ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 

Read more about Altearah by visiting my company website at : Advanced Science Wellness 

Burlap DIY

If you have an unimaginable amount of burlap just lying around your house and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it, then this DIY project is for you.

Burlap (but that was probably obvious)
Brushes (stippling + regular for the edges)
Trash bag

First, I recommend covering your surface with a trash bag, unless you don't care if paint bleeds ALL OVER whatever is underneath it.

Next, find any phrase you want and apply it to your burlap with the paint + stencils

It's seriously easy
              & the burlap takes the paint really well.

(To hang the burlap: I just found a stick from the yard and sewed it in. Take twine (or whatever) and tie it around the ends of the stick and DONE!)

Good Luck!

Top 5 Fall Favorites

Fall always seems to get me into a crazed {diy} mode, but since I went wild with the Halloween decorating I've been lacking inspiration in the more "traditional" fall category. 

So, I got online and found instant inspiration from these lovely blogs! These are such great & EASY ideas -- check out the links below:

Pinecone Garland - The JS Chronicles

DIY "Harvest" Sign - Dirt Stains and Paint 

Sweater Pillow - Creatively Living 

Fall Wood Blocks - Sarah Dawn Designs

Paper Stars - Eyes on the Source

DIY Coffee Scrub

This past week Tennessee decided to skip over the fall weather and plummet right into shiver inducing winter temperatures. It got me thinking that I needed to share how I beat lack-luster skin as colder weather approaches.

I recently discovered the greatest dull skin remedy and only had to look as far as my pantry! And it only consists of TWO ingredients: Coffee and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Let’s keep it SIMPLE: 

 It’s literally that easy – just mix and done!
(I usually don’t use exact measurements; I just pour the olive oil over the coffee until the grounds are (for lack of a less disgusting word) moist.)

                                SMOOTH SAILING 

I love using this scrub as a prerequisite to shaving – of course, it makes the tub a tad filthy (though it washes down the drain with a few extra splashes of water) but the olive oil makes your skin SO SMOOTH.  

AND this is great for men, too! If they’re dealing with ingrown hair due to shaving this is a fantastic solution. 


The caffeine from the coffee is said to help with cellulite so why not be generous and slather on this mixture & take care of two birds with one stone?! 

So to RECAP: 

-Mix your ingredients together (just use the grounds from your morning coffee!)
-Take a handful of your mixture and scrub over legs 
-Rinse off & and wipe clean with a towel (so you don't get your razor all clogged up with the scrub) 

I hope this helps you in your battle against dull winter skin!


                          (Brands used: Organic 365 Coffee & Bragg’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Weekend Inspiration

If you are a little low in inspiration or just need something to cheer you up, I have the perfect idea!  Find a local garden store and spend the afternoon finding yourself through nature!

We found this great local gardening store in Nashville yesterday and I can't wait to go back!  Sometimes it just amazes me how great little shops/parks and so much more can be so close without you even knowing!

This shop was filled with everything from crafts, soaps, plants, seeds, fermenting and home brewing products, hydroponics, air plants and so much more!  Check out the pics below of our little weekend find!

Barefoot Hiking

Ok, so when my hubby told me he wanted to go on a barefoot hike I instantly wanted to call him crazy!  But after a few seconds internalizing to myself about how this could turn out pretty funny, I decided that it was an awesome idea.

For him...not for me!  Well not yet.  I stole his Vibrams and let him go barefoot.  Check out the pictures and let us know how crazy you think he is!

The health benefits of barefoot hiking and grounding are incredible.  I would recommend you read more and try this sometime.  I recommend trying for the health benefits, but you may enjoy the pleasure of everyone looking at you like you are crazy! :)

Here are some links I think you would like:

The Secret to Lifelong Health

DIY Bunting: Halloween Edition

So, if you’re anything like I am, you’re unapologetically obsessed with all things Halloween…especially when it comes to putting those spooky touches around the house! 

This year I decided to go for a more sophisticated decorating theme, thus leading me to classic bunting. If you’re on a budget this DIY is perfect for you (how does FREE sound?)

Ok, let’s talk materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper grocery sacks
Hole-punch (or if you don’t have a hole-punch in your possession, just use a big nail!)

**Side-note: If you don’t have access to a printer, just grab some stencils and a black marker--it’s more time consuming, but still super easy! 

Alright, let’s get to the How-To:

Step 1: If you’re using a printer, cut your paper bags to the size of your printer paper, pick your favorite font and print whatever Halloween inspired phrase you want onto your bags

Step 2: Once you’ve got your letters printed, cut the bags into triangles that are 8” at the top and 10” on the sides with the letter centered in the middle

Step 3: Now you’re ready for twine!  Punch holes in the top of your triangle -- maybe 5 inches apart -- and run the twine through (I ran mine through the back so it could be seen across the top)

AND THAT’S IT! Easy, right? 

Have fun haunting up your house!


Primal Spice Cake

In an attempt to recreate my pumpkin cookies and not realizing that I was out of coconut flour, I somehow stumbled upon an amazing Primal Spice Cake!

This cake was absolutely amazing!!  You can really add what you like and take away a couple items in this recipe to create your own, but here is what I put together.

Let me know how you like it!

3 eggs
1/2 cup butter or coconut oil (melted)
1/2 cup pumpkin
1 tsp vanilla
2-4 T maple or honey
1 cup almond flour
2 tsp ginger
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4th tsp allspice
1/4th cup almond butter

Mix together and cook on 350 for about 30 minutes

I'll be posting the frosting recipe soon, so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy!!


Halloween Book Tree

Last year I saw a book tree on Pinterest and decided that this year I definitely needed one!  But, I couldn't wait until Christmas.  So I decided to make a Halloween book Tree.

It was so simple.  We just stacked books until it looked even on each side.  I went to Target and got some multicolored lights and a little pumpkin bucket for the top.  It looks wonderful and gave us some Halloween spirit.

Hope you like it!