DIY Coffee Scrub

This past week Tennessee decided to skip over the fall weather and plummet right into shiver inducing winter temperatures. It got me thinking that I needed to share how I beat lack-luster skin as colder weather approaches.

I recently discovered the greatest dull skin remedy and only had to look as far as my pantry! And it only consists of TWO ingredients: Coffee and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Let’s keep it SIMPLE: 

 It’s literally that easy – just mix and done!
(I usually don’t use exact measurements; I just pour the olive oil over the coffee until the grounds are (for lack of a less disgusting word) moist.)

                                SMOOTH SAILING 

I love using this scrub as a prerequisite to shaving – of course, it makes the tub a tad filthy (though it washes down the drain with a few extra splashes of water) but the olive oil makes your skin SO SMOOTH.  

AND this is great for men, too! If they’re dealing with ingrown hair due to shaving this is a fantastic solution. 


The caffeine from the coffee is said to help with cellulite so why not be generous and slather on this mixture & take care of two birds with one stone?! 

So to RECAP: 

-Mix your ingredients together (just use the grounds from your morning coffee!)
-Take a handful of your mixture and scrub over legs 
-Rinse off & and wipe clean with a towel (so you don't get your razor all clogged up with the scrub) 

I hope this helps you in your battle against dull winter skin!


                          (Brands used: Organic 365 Coffee & Bragg’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

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