Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other day, for whatever reason, our need for a cookie fix was at an all time high.

We've tried making cookies before to no avail (they were more like flat cakes and they did not hit the spot!).

So, we gave it another shot and we were definitely pleased with the result!

What You'll Need:
2 cups Almond Flour/Meal
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 cup butter or coconut oil
2 T honey (probably could opt for more here)
1 T vanilla
1/4 - 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 large egg
1/2 cup chocolate chips (we just chopped up a bar of our favorite dark chocolate)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place parchment paper on your cookie/baking sheet. [This recipes makes between 16-18 cookies depending on how big/small you like to make your cookies] Cook for 10-12 minutes until they start to brown around the edges.

Super simple + delicious!

Primal Sushi Recipe

I made this dish one time before and LOVED it!  After a little time hanging out at Whole Foods meeting with a friend and seeing people around me eating sushi, I thought that I must make it again. 

So I picked up a couple things that I like in my sushi while I was there and did some experimenting with all the ingredients.

Here is what we used:

  • 1 head of cauliflower (instead of rice)
  • 1 pack of organic seaweed
  • 1 avocado
  • Raw cream cheese
  • Fermented carrots
  • Spices to taste (for the "rice")
  • Fermented soy sauce (we typically do not eat anything with soy, but when fermented, organic and unpasteurized it has numerous health benefits)
  • Wild caught shrimp (you could do this all veggie or with any other fish/meat)
 Step 1)  Steam your cauliflower.  Then you will want to put it in a blender and get it to the consistency of rice.

Step 2) Cut up all of the items for inside your sushi.  I cut everything into small pieces to make everything a little easier.

Step 3) Lay out a whole piece of the seaweed.  You will then spread the cauliflower rice onto the side nearest to you.  All the way across.

Step 4) Spread out all other ingredients on top of and next to the cauliflower rice.

Step 5) From there just roll up the seaweed with all the ingredients inside.  It should roll pretty easily.

Step 6) Cut into bite size pieces.

DIY Wooden Block Craft

A couple weeks ago I went with my parents to "Dickens of a Christmas" in downtown Franklin to do a little craft shopping!  There were so many cute gifts and crafts there and I decided it was a great time to get some inspiration.  I fell in LOVE with this wooden block idea and immediately decided to put my own spin on it and do some crafts for Christmas!

You can find plain wooden blocks at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for just a couple dollars each.  From there I just used acrylic paint, random fake flowers/sticks and craft supplies I had!

You can come up with your own ideas but here is what we came up with.

I tied twine around the sides so you can easily slide a picture in and out to use these as picture frames. I think they are super cute either way!

Such a cute gift for my nieces this year!

We wanted to make a fourth one for some friends of ours and decided to make theirs a little different.  We took a page from a church song book and used some mod podge to attach it to the wood.

From there we used a diluted goldish paint and a stencil to keep a vibrant "V" in the middle of the block.  Then we used twine to tie some dried flowers and sticks to the block... and that's it!  Super easy and made such a thoughtful gift!

Items you need:

Wooden block (any size)
Small paint brushes
A hot glue gun
any craft supplies you have around the house

Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream


I know the winter usually inspires dishes that warm you up, but this homemade ice cream is so good that you won't care if your teeth are chattering afterward. So just wrap up in an extra blanket and enjoy this sinfully good dessert! 

1 can Coconut Milk
1/2 (4 oz) pack Cream Cheese
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon Vanilla {more if you like!}
1/2 - 3/4 cups Maple Syrup

Heat coconut milk + cream cheese over medium heat on stove. 
Beat eggs + salt on high in a separate bowl. Once the coconut milk + cream cheese are slightly melted, turn heat off & beat together. Let the mixture cool down {for about 5 minutes} before slowly adding the eggs. Once everything is mixed together add vanilla + maple syrup. Store in the freezer until frozen. Stir occasionally.


We like to add shaved/chopped dark chocolate, chopped nuts, or any plain/puréed fruit. Also adding it to any pie or cobbler would be delicious! ~


Foodie Friends Friday

Coconut Oil Crazy

Here at Primal Difference we use coconut oil for just about anything, but thanks to this article from we'll be using it on absolutely everything!

It works on anything from cold sores to diaper rash to dry, cracked lips. The possibilities are seriously limitless.

Tell us all the ways you use coconut oil because we can't get enough of it!

**We use the Nutiva brand**  You can click the picture below for more info!

A Little Holiday Family and Craft Time

Moms can be funny. Enough said.  Somehow though they always know what you have been needing and longing for. God for sure granted moms with the ability to bring a family together! 

Over the past couple of Thanksgivings my mother has been set on doing a family craft.  So this year it was for us to all make a burlap stocking.  Not just decorating it, actually sewing it together and then decorating it! 

I was a little nervous about this one. Me and Shane sewing...ummm probably not going to happen.  After a little trial and error (and good coaching from mom) we got the hang of it.  Some a little faster than others. :)

This ended up being one of my favorite memories that I am sure I will cherish it for years. To see my brother and husband actually having fun and laughing is something I will never forget.  As far as my dad goes... he gave up after...well about 2 minutes. 

Check out our pictures and find some time to create memories with your family! 

Skin Obsession

Since our last post was on the subject of great HEALTHY solutions for your skin, I thought I would share my skin care OBSESSION (it's literally the only thing I ever use on my skin).

Releve Skincare is completely organic and non-toxic. I'm talking you could literally eat this stuff if you were so inclined.

They have cleansing soap, face & body lotion, moisturizer, a mask and peel for when your skin is needing a boost, an eye cream + a facelift cream to help fight anti-aging!

I cannot emphasize enough how great these products have been for my skin. Speaking from experience when it comes to struggling with breakouts, I can honestly say that my skin has never been clearer since I've started using this stuff (the cleansing soap, clay mask, & enzyme peel are great for those with acne-prone skin).

If you want to improve wrinkles, sagging facial and neck skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and large pores then please, PLEASE give these products a try (you can thank me later!)

Visit the site here to check out all the products!