DIY Wooden Block Craft

A couple weeks ago I went with my parents to "Dickens of a Christmas" in downtown Franklin to do a little craft shopping!  There were so many cute gifts and crafts there and I decided it was a great time to get some inspiration.  I fell in LOVE with this wooden block idea and immediately decided to put my own spin on it and do some crafts for Christmas!

You can find plain wooden blocks at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for just a couple dollars each.  From there I just used acrylic paint, random fake flowers/sticks and craft supplies I had!

You can come up with your own ideas but here is what we came up with.

I tied twine around the sides so you can easily slide a picture in and out to use these as picture frames. I think they are super cute either way!

Such a cute gift for my nieces this year!

We wanted to make a fourth one for some friends of ours and decided to make theirs a little different.  We took a page from a church song book and used some mod podge to attach it to the wood.

From there we used a diluted goldish paint and a stencil to keep a vibrant "V" in the middle of the block.  Then we used twine to tie some dried flowers and sticks to the block... and that's it!  Super easy and made such a thoughtful gift!

Items you need:

Wooden block (any size)
Small paint brushes
A hot glue gun
any craft supplies you have around the house

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