Primal Sushi Recipe

I made this dish one time before and LOVED it!  After a little time hanging out at Whole Foods meeting with a friend and seeing people around me eating sushi, I thought that I must make it again. 

So I picked up a couple things that I like in my sushi while I was there and did some experimenting with all the ingredients.

Here is what we used:

  • 1 head of cauliflower (instead of rice)
  • 1 pack of organic seaweed
  • 1 avocado
  • Raw cream cheese
  • Fermented carrots
  • Spices to taste (for the "rice")
  • Fermented soy sauce (we typically do not eat anything with soy, but when fermented, organic and unpasteurized it has numerous health benefits)
  • Wild caught shrimp (you could do this all veggie or with any other fish/meat)
 Step 1)  Steam your cauliflower.  Then you will want to put it in a blender and get it to the consistency of rice.

Step 2) Cut up all of the items for inside your sushi.  I cut everything into small pieces to make everything a little easier.

Step 3) Lay out a whole piece of the seaweed.  You will then spread the cauliflower rice onto the side nearest to you.  All the way across.

Step 4) Spread out all other ingredients on top of and next to the cauliflower rice.

Step 5) From there just roll up the seaweed with all the ingredients inside.  It should roll pretty easily.

Step 6) Cut into bite size pieces.

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