Color My Thoughts

I had to write this post!  I usually don't like writing about products and such, but what I am about to tell you about will seriously make you do a happy dance!  As many of you know I am part owner of a wellness practice so I see a lot of awesome healing/wellness products and services.  This particular one is so different and exciting!!

So take a look at the links to read more...but now you are asking how these can help you.  I have an answer!  Ever felt bogged down from silly emotions (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!!) and you just don't feel yourself??

These products can help you regain Energy, Vitality, Creativity, Confidence, Joy and so much more.  Not only do they help with these emotions, but they all correspond to different parts of your they can also help with you heart, liver, sinus problems, back pain...the list keeps going!

These Colors are blends of specific essential oils - which smell ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 

Read more about Altearah by visiting my company website at : Advanced Science Wellness 

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